the marketplace


We stock the best of what you both want and need, making Boney’s a true one-stop shopping destination. Here, you’ll find everything from artisanal cheeses, to bulk food bins, to cleaning supplies, to a committed collection of vitamins and supplements and other organic lotion and balms. It’s all about giving you what you want and nothing more.


It’s called From the Farm for a reason wherever possible we source from local farms and California farms. That means we feature the freshest, produce and fruit you can find, including a generous selection of organic offerings.


We offer the best quality meats in town, along with service that’s a throwback to the good old days when everyone knew the butcher by name. Fresh seafood, beef, poultry and pre-seasoned meats are all there, enticingly laid out before your eyes. And if you want something you don’t see, our butcher will be more than happy to custom order it for you.


For a neighborhood grocery store, our wine selection is impressively refined. We obtain our wines through a variety of sources and methods to keep the selection interesting and unique and you happy. You’ll also find the best craft beers from near and far, and if you want something you don’t see, just talk to us and we’ll see if we can get it.